Green Toys

Rubbabu toys are made of pure natural rubber, with no fillers or additives. Natural rubber is the sap of the tree which is drawn from the rubber tree every year without damaging the tree or shortening its life span. It's a natural, sustainable material, and it's 100% biodegradable.

At our factory, we optimize our materials, processes and facilities to conserve resources and eliminate waste at every stage.

We reuse or recycle all our raw material waste.

Out toys are made by hand in a labor intensive process that uses very little power. Each step is performed by a trained operator or a skilled artisan. This has let us create more than 100 jobs and simultaneously minimize the electric power we use.

Quality Assurance

Iseo, our factory in India, operates under the highest level of quality control standards throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. Our products undergo testing internally, and from independent testing laboratories, prior to shipment, to ensure that the goods comply with the relevant international standards.

Product Safety

Rubbabu constantly strives to provide safe products, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Among other things, we ensure our products are tested according to international safety standard including EN 71 Part 1,2,3, ASTM 963F 16 CFR, CPSIA stipulations for soluble heavy metals, and tests for phthalates.

Workplace Care

We provide a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees taking into account ergonomics and safety. Our employees have access to financial and medical aid from the company, in addition to health insurance and employer contributions to their retirement savings accounts. What is more important is that we value and respect each other, and everyone works as a team to build a future for themselves and their families.